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Unemployment Benefits To Be Extend

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Somewhere between Congress and President Bush is a holiday gift for unemployed people whose benefits would otherwise be ending shortly.  If all goes according to plan, these peope will see their unemployment checks continue through the Christmas Holiday season.  It appears that this was stimulated by the recent jobless figures which show we are at a 16 year high with the number of people trying to find a job going over 10 million.

Tough times for everyone but the


Corporate Recruiters Using Job Board Technology to Muscle in on Monster

November 19, 2008 1 comment

Until recently, the only way for most companies to have their jobs found on the internet was to post them with a job board.  While the effectiveness of this recruitment marketing strategy has underwhelmed recruiters over the years, they have been left with little choice but to pay-post-and-pray.  Not only has the quality of the job board’s applicants gone down, but were it not for the resume database access, there is no way for a company to build a database of passive candidates to tap into for future needs.  So what recruiters are left with is often “just in time” recruiting which tends to be expensive, stressful and marginally effective at best.  Wouldn’t it be great if companies could own their own job board, get all the Google exposure for their companies jobs exclusively, build a private database of both passive and active applicants, all for less than they are paying the job boards every month?  I have good news, your wait is over!

A growing trend in recruitment marketing is the use of a company exclusive micro job board.  Imagine having a job board with only your jobs and having those jobs show up on Google ahead of the job boards.  It is possible because companies like Jobs2web have cracked the code on how the job boards get their jobs to come up on the first page of Google.  Jobs2web is able to build out a mini job board that automatically updates your jobs on a daily basis, adding new jobs as they are put into your ATS and removing the jobs that are filled.  In addition to having your jobs displayed on the first page of Google, this mini job board also captures both passive and active applicants and puts them into a database that is easily accessible to the company recruiters.  Additionally, candidates in this database receive an automatic job alert email on a weekly basis, keeping your employment brand at the front of their mind.

For years, the job board’s secret has been their ability to show up on the search engines for almost every job search you could think of.  Job seekers typically start their search on Google and then click through a job that looks good, ending up on a job board.  If it wasn’t for Google, most of these job boards would be out of business as they wouldn’t have any traffic.  Today many companies are starting to build out their own mini job boards, eliminating their need for the pay-for-post job boards and saving up 50% over what they were spending on the job boards for postings.

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Online Recruiting in a Slumping Economy

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Please join us for this 1 hour webinar covering the topic of recruiting in a slumping economy and how a carefully thought out online recruiting effort can deliver a lower cost per hire, deliver consistent measurable results and generate a thriving database of passive candidates, even in the midst of budget cuts and job losses.

Some of the things we will cover at this webinar are:

  • Why Google is a better source of candidates than the job boards
  • How to convert more career site visitors into candidates and applicants.
  • How to measure and quantify your online recruiting efforts.
  • Why you may be wasting your pay-per-click recruiting dollars.
  • How to leverage low or no cost Social Media and Social Networking in your recruiting efforts.
  • All this without changing your ATS or redesigning your career site.

Who Should Attend: Corporate HR, Talent & Recruiting Professionals
Cost for Event: FREE
Date and Time of Event: Thursday, Dec. 4th, 2008 10:00am – 11:00am PST
Meeting Information:

Please join my meeting, Thursday, December 4th,

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Dial 914-339-0010

Access Code: 700-513-131

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Please login 5 minutes prior to the meeting or 952-697-2944.

Can’t attend the December 4th webinar?
To learn more about Jobs2Web, please contact Ken Horst, your interactive recruiting specialist at

This webinar will be presented by Ken Horst of Jobs2web.  Ken has spent the past 20 years hiring, training and managing employees and has spent the past 6 years studying and implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques.  Ken and Jobs2web use Search Engine Optimization to take advantage of the massive shift of people to the search engines as their first source of job information, and of the unprecedented ability to reach a target market on any budget.

UAW Not Part of the Problem or the Solution

November 16, 2008 1 comment

Sorry, I’ve never been a big fan of unions and at a time when the US auto industry is on the brink of collapsing, it would seem to me that now would not be the time to dig in your heals.  Yet the United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger came out this week and said that the current state of the auto industry is not because of union contracts but because of the slumping economy.  While that may be true, to say you are not part of the problem while not trying to be part of the solution could spell disaster for the industry and the UAW.  At least they will go down with the pride of knowing they were right.

It reminds me of the battle between Northwest Airlines and it’s mechanics union in 2005.  The union dug in their heals and many of their members lost their jobs, and their cars, and their houses, etc.  But fear not because as their members were losing their personal property and livelihood, their union leaders were still saying they were right.  This after they rejected many offers to get people back to work.

Tough spot to be in as a union leader, your members expect you to effectively negotiate on their behalf so if you give in to the companies offer because you think it will save jobs, you’re seen as a weak negotiator.  If you dig in your heals and the negotiations blow up and people end up going on strike and eventually go bankrupt from living on credit cards waiting for the corporation to cave, you are seen by many members as a failure for not knowing when to take the deal.

I do agree with Mr. Gettelfinger that the horrible state of the auto industry today is because of the slumping economy but I think it’s a big mistake for him not to try and be part of a solution.  Being right and out of work isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Google Passes Monster as Top Job Search Website

November 14, 2008 1 comment

It was only a matter of time.  As we all know Google has redefined the advertising and marketing business for every industry.  As a marketer of a product or service, why would I want to buy advertising anywhere other than where people are typing words into a search engine indicating exactly what product or service they are looking for?  Think about it, if you sold hot tubs in Denver what would make more sense, expensive billboards and/or radio ads which target everybody and hope that the subset of everybody that is thinking about a hot tub heard or saw your ad and is big enough to cover the cost of your ad, or only having your ad display when people in the Denver area type “hot tubs”, “Jacuzzi”, “whirlpool” or other related terms into Google? Well, the employment recruiting industry is the most recent to be changed forever by Google.

Monster traffic declining

Monster traffic declining

According to information I gathered from both Google and Monsters web sites, Google is now seeing 25% more job searches every month than Monster.  The important thing to keep in mind is that while every job on Monster will also show up on Google, not every job on Google shows up on Monster, Career Builder or any other job board.  If you want to find a job it’s clear that the one site that will have close to every open job in the US is Google and no other.  The reason is that Google ends up indexing every job posted on every job board on the internet!  Additionally, Google also indexes jobs that may not be on a job board but rank highly in Google because the employer understood Search Engine Optimization or Career Site Optimization and has found a way to make their jobs highly visible on Google for considerably less than Monster or Career builder.

So the bottom line is this, if you are trying to find a job, you will have access to more listings on Google than any other job board on the Internet and, if you are an employer or recruiter and you want to reach the highest number of job seekers at the lowest cost, Google is unbeatable!!

I wonder which industry Google will revolutionize next? 🙂

For information on how to get your jobs on the first page of Google, call Ken Horst at Jobs2web @ 952-697-2944

In Through the Out Door at Sun Microsystems

November 14, 2008 Leave a comment

While the headlines read, “Sun Microsystems Cutting up to 6,000 Jobs“, one can find 364 open positions on the Sun Mircosystems corporate career site.  This is true for most of the companies who are in the news with job cuts so while the news tends towards doom and gloom, the fact is there are still a lot of great jobs out there you just have to know where to look.

Good Morning America, GMA, Launches The Great American Job Fair

November 13, 2008 2 comments

Good Morning America launched The Great American Job Fair this week in an effort to help more unemployeed Americans find a job and more importantly, good paying jobs.  In their first job fair in Atlanta, they got 80 different companies together who are all hiring people in the Atlanta area.  In addition, they also started the GMA Job Club which brings together a small group of job seekers in your area to offer each other advice, support and camaraderie during the process.  Watch this video regarding the Job Club.