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Google Passes Monster as Top Job Search Website

It was only a matter of time.  As we all know Google has redefined the advertising and marketing business for every industry.  As a marketer of a product or service, why would I want to buy advertising anywhere other than where people are typing words into a search engine indicating exactly what product or service they are looking for?  Think about it, if you sold hot tubs in Denver what would make more sense, expensive billboards and/or radio ads which target everybody and hope that the subset of everybody that is thinking about a hot tub heard or saw your ad and is big enough to cover the cost of your ad, or only having your ad display when people in the Denver area type “hot tubs”, “Jacuzzi”, “whirlpool” or other related terms into Google? Well, the employment recruiting industry is the most recent to be changed forever by Google.

Monster traffic declining

Monster traffic declining

According to information I gathered from both Google and Monsters web sites, Google is now seeing 25% more job searches every month than Monster.  The important thing to keep in mind is that while every job on Monster will also show up on Google, not every job on Google shows up on Monster, Career Builder or any other job board.  If you want to find a job it’s clear that the one site that will have close to every open job in the US is Google and no other.  The reason is that Google ends up indexing every job posted on every job board on the internet!  Additionally, Google also indexes jobs that may not be on a job board but rank highly in Google because the employer understood Search Engine Optimization or Career Site Optimization and has found a way to make their jobs highly visible on Google for considerably less than Monster or Career builder.

So the bottom line is this, if you are trying to find a job, you will have access to more listings on Google than any other job board on the Internet and, if you are an employer or recruiter and you want to reach the highest number of job seekers at the lowest cost, Google is unbeatable!!

I wonder which industry Google will revolutionize next? 🙂

For information on how to get your jobs on the first page of Google, call Ken Horst at Jobs2web @ 952-697-2944

  1. Charles
    November 28, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    About.com did a survey to HR professionls. They asked which of these top 10 job sites yeilded the best candidates. The Results:


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