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Facebook recruiting tips and tricks

In a recent Jobs2Web poll we found that many companies are going to start diving into social network recruiting and are mainly focused on sites like Facebook.

After begging their company to allow them to be on Facebook during working hours to assist with a real business reason like recruiting top talent (because they’ve blocked access to the rest of the company), now recruiters are trying to figure out how to maximize their Facebook recruiting without losing days of time doing online chats, poke’s, and wall postings which eat up a lot of any recruiters time.

I’ve put a video together that shows how companies can maximize their Facebook recruiting, by leveraging their career site (or hopefully your Jobs2Web career site) – so that you can focus on building your Facebook network, and then allow your profile page to do the rest of the work, by automatically bringing updated job postings into your Facebook profile where your “friends” can then link direclty to them on your career site and apply via your ATS system where you need them to go anyhow.

Using some of these resources should help to optimize your recruiters time, and put your Facebook recruiting into auto-pilot so that your recruiters can focus their time on facilitating placements versus just finding new friends online.

You can check out our social networking solutions here:

Or watch the Facebook video directly here:

Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting more of these online recruiting tips for several other Web 2.0 recruiting strategies in 2009, along with hosting several webinars on this topic.

Thanks, and happy recruiting in 2009.

Posted by Doug Berg on December 27, 2008 at 09:59 AM

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