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What is your favorite tool or website for finding a job?

OK, we have gotten some good responses on our poll but not a lot of feedback. Please comment below and answer these questions; Have you gotten a job through one of the tools/websites mentioned in our poll or some other method? and which one? what has been your experience with the different tools we list? Your choices are;
job boards – (monster, CareerBuilder, Niche boards, etc.)
Aggregators – ( SimplyHired, Indeed, etc.)
Direct to company
Personal network – (family, friends, organizations, etc.)
Search Engines – (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
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  1. June 18, 2009 at 9:06 am

    Though I haven’t looked for jobs online, I know of quite a few people who have gotten them via LinkedIn, even in today’s recessionary economy.

    It’s for this reason that I believe LinkedIn to be the best job-hunting tool of the ones you enumerated. It is far more professional compared to Twitter and Facebook (at least, you wouldn’t expect to see crazy party pictures on a LinkedIn profile) and is clearly geared more towards networking on a professional level (and, in turn, networking is by far the best way to find a job).

  2. June 25, 2009 at 1:32 am

    Even though it’s a bit salesy to put this here, I’d like to introduce you job seekers to my job board. I’ve had this board for 7 years now and know it’s helped hundreds of folks find jobs.

    It connects job seekers with 1400+ recruiters across the country. Even in this bad economy, there are several thousand positions to look through. Hopefully this can help in your search.


    Click the links below for a list of jobs by industry:

    Accounting – http://ping.fm/S7OiI
    Biotech – http://ping.fm/Ce0Ki
    Biz Dev – http://ping.fm/NMjGW
    Construction – http://ping.fm/MJEju
    Engineering – http://ping.fm/3bu6q
    Executive – http://ping.fm/vxdD1
    Finance – http://ping.fm/VCovG
    Healthcare – http://ping.fm/xBdRL
    HR – http://ping.fm/Sj91E
    Insurance – http://ping.fm/FtyGa
    IT – http://ping.fm/8AMPY
    Management – http://ping.fm/JgAIS
    Manufacturing – http://ping.fm/NT5Yv
    Marketing – http://ping.fm/UaQQZ
    Nursing – http://ping.fm/0sRux
    Pharmaceutical – http://ping.fm/wnWyp
    Pharmacy – http://ping.fm/roSdJ
    Project Manager – http://ping.fm/1Js43
    Purchasing/Procure – http://ping.fm/mzURC
    QA/QC – http://ping.fm/LQjTc
    Research – http://ping.fm/AEu0n
    Retail – http://ping.fm/5Dg3B
    Sales – http://ping.fm/CxYmt
    Six Sigma – http://ping.fm/54MHU
    Supply Chain – http://ping.fm/1u9Ne
    Therapy – http://ping.fm/5KQGm

    When you apply online, we will forward your information to the recruiter handling those jobs. Then they will contact you to discuss the positions and employers in detail and work hard to get you an interview ASAP.

    All the best in your search.

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