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Stress Relief for Job Seekers on Fridays

Anyone who has been unemployed for any period of time know how stressful it can be.  It can be even more difficult if we have a spouse or partner who depends on us and they are stressing out as a result of our circumstances.  For many of us there isn’t really anyone we can talk to regarding our stress and many of us may be without medical benefits during this transition so trying to get in to see a medical professional is not an option.

I met someone through @thejobsguy last week who struck me as a person with great knowledge in the stress relive area.  Elizabeth Alraune consults with people as a life coach helping them focus on doing what needs to be done whether they feel like it or not.  She suggested to me that many of the people who follow @thejobsguy could probably use her services, to which I replied while I couldn’t agree with her more, I wasn’t sure how many unemployed people could actually afford her service or one like it.  That is when Elizabeth suggested that she offer up some of her expertise for free on a weekly basis by answering question/s on @thejobsguy blog on the topic of stress created by job search and being without a job. Every Fridays at noon she will post an answer to a readers question or questions so that other who may be suffering from the same issues can also pick up some new ideas about how to deal with them.

So if you are looking for ideas about how to deal with the stress of your job search or have questions about how others might be getting through their days, feel free to ask your question, anonymously in the comment section below and  Elizabeth will share her expertise, ideas and experiences in an effort to bring us all a little more peace of mind at a time when it can seem hard to find.


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  1. LunaJune
    November 10, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Well for one thing I can tell you that just talking to Elizabeth and listening to her recorded messages have uplifted my spirit over this past year. She is a unique and wonderful human who wants more than anything to help others, and going out of her way to do whatever she can.
    From her own Links pages where she supports people in what they do to the supportive tweets. A day without her shining energy in my stream is like a day without sunshine
    I have never been out of work, I am a very grateful person to have found my true calling and to have worked myself into a position that I can never loose, especially in these trying times it shows me more and more how grateful I am.
    Elizabeth listens, and is honest and open and this seems like a fabulous way for her to help even more people.
    Thanks for all you do
    in Gratitude

  2. November 10, 2009 at 11:08 am

    I look forward to spending time with “you.” If anyone would like to learn more about me and how I’ll be approaching things, please feel free to visit WorldofPerspective.com, or find me on Twitter @JoLoPe. Have a great week!

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