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Productive Stress vs. Non-Productive Stress

There is what I would call a “productive” type of stress,
which is the kind of stress that helps you get things
done, and helps you in times of emergency, and then
there is the not so productive type of stress.
“Productive” stress is something that is more for the
moment, for the event.  It’s the type of stress that
is meaningful to our lives, and sometimes helps
with our survival.   The other type, which I call
“non-productive stress”  is a feeling likely to be
more enduring, continual, and doesn’t serve the
same purpose as “productive” stress.  This is the kind
of stress we can most certainly live without, and is
also the type we have the most control over.
Odds are if you are unemployed and looking for a job
for any length of time you are more likely to be experiencing
the prolonged version of stress which (it has been
speculated) can affect, among other things, your
immune system which, is of course, the last thing we
need with H1N1 going round.
Interestingly, as human beings we get comfortable
in what is familiar, so as stressed as you might feel,
the longer you are there, the more likely you are to
unconsciously consider this feeling a “friend,” and
the more difficult it might be consciously to shake,
or want to take efforts to shake it.
The good news is that when you can recognize what
is happening, you are taking the first step to be able
to change things.  However, it is only a step.  How
many people know how to lose weight, and don’t?
If knowing something consciously was the only
thing we ever needed, we likely wouldn’t procrastinate,
or eat foods that weren’t good for us, or do behaviors
that were considered unhealthy and harmful to us.
Next week (unless there is as question that someone
would like answered) I will discuss some ways that
you can handle the stress that you are feeling, ways
that you can take that “next step.”
In the last 8 years, Elizabeth Alraune (@JoLoPe) has
worked with clients primarily over the phone and has
had over 11,000 conversations with clients working in
the roles of Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Intuitive,
and Healer.  To read more of her work, hear podcasts,
view videos, or receive valuable resources for free,
Also check out Holiday Stress Buster Plan at http://HolidayStressBuster.com
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