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Dealing With “Unproductive” Stress

When we’re stressed with the “unproductive” type of
stress that I spoke about last week, it is difficult to
think clearly, and it may in some cases be paralyzing.
The first step to being able to deal with stress, and
to alter your relationship with it, is to become aware
of what is happening, and then consciously choose
to make another choice in that moment. I can practically guarantee you  it won’t be easy.  Your
unconscious mind works very hard at trying to keep
you in a familiar place – even when it doesn’t seem
to work for you.
However, I can also practically guarantee with a
willingness to alter your behavior around your stress
in a consistent manner you will likely find it getting
easier over time.
I promised you some ways to help relieve stress this
week…and here are 3 different types of things that
can help relatively easily and quickly.
1.  Your breathing.  You may notice that when you
are stressed, you don’t breathe easily or deeply.  To
take a moment, and focus on your breathing is one
of the simplest ways to help yourself in a moment of
stress.  Breathe in twice as slowly as you breathe
out (such as breathe in to the count of 3, out to the
count of 6).  Do it a few times, and you will have a
noticeable difference.  Your body won’t be able to
do anything but relax.
2.  Focus.  Where is your focus at the moment
that you are stressed?  Is it on a concern? Is it on
a possible outcome?  By allowing yourself to
focus on the moment, you will likely find that much
of the stress you are feeling of the unproductive
type will be minimalized, and quite possibly even
disappear.  Most of this type of stress comes from
feelings from past events, or fears about the future.
3. What can you do?  Sometimes it is difficult to know
what to do when you are feeling stuck, which can
lead to stress.  There is always something that you
can do.  It may not be what you want to do,  but there
is always something you can do.  When feeling stuck
doing anything will be helpful, and doing something
out of the ordinary may even be more beneficial
because it helps to break any patterns you may have
settled into, and might provide some much needed
If you have any questions about any of these
suggestions, please feel free to contact me, or
post in the comments below.
What would you like to hear about next week?
In the last 8 years, Elizabeth Alraune (@JoLoPe) has
worked with clients primarily over the phone and has
had over 11,000 conversations with clients working in
the roles of Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Intuitive,
and Healer.  To read more of her work, hear podcasts,
view videos, or receive valuable resources for free,
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