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With a High Level of Unemployment, Are The Employed Reaching Out To Help The Jobless???

The US Department of Labor released its latest statistics to show a current unemployment rate of 10.4% (The percent of the labor force that is unemployed).

Just for a moment, close your eyes and think about how your life would be affected without your current job.

As we all know, companies began to feel the pain of our economic downturn in 2008.  As a result, the massive  layoffs began and continued throughout 2009 and it put many members of our workforce in the unemployment line.  I have met a number of individuals who have been unemployed since late 2008/early 2009 who are incredibly talented professionals.   Many of them are in need of help from those who are employed. I’m not talking about money,  I’m talking about time, expertise, and networking.

My areas of expertise are in recruiting, networking and the effective use of Social Networking.  I have been able to meet with a number of very talented unemployed professionals recently to help them understand ways to network that they were unaware of.

Recently, one of those people I met with was a Marketing professional who has been unemployed for a little under 18 months.  In the span of 45 minutes we discussed his goals and expanded his knowledge of LinkedIn by showing him ways to utilize the tools he was unaware of.  This made him aware of how to get in contact with people at some of his target companies.  It was very gratifying to see  how excited he was about the new ways  he could network.   I can’t wait to hear from him when he lands his next job.

For those of you who have been fortunate  enough to have a job throughout this recent economic downturn,  take a moment to think about those less fortunate than you and help them.  Like I said, not through money, rather through time, expertise, and networking.  I have heard every excuse as to why people don’t lend their resources to help out the displaced workforce.  Most of us are very busy with work, family, and other commitments but that doesn’t mean we can’t spare an hour or two here and there.  Trust me, there is no better feeling than to help someone in need, especially in an area of expertise that comes second nature to us.

So the next time you have an opportunity to help someone in need, Just Do It,  you’ll be glad you did.


Will Your Social Media Activity Affect Your Ability To Land Your Next Job Or…

Will Your Social Media Activity Affect Your Ability To Land Your Next Job Or Keep Your Current One???

Good, bad, or indifferent, Social Media is here to stay.  For many of us in the areas of Recruiting and Human Resources, Social Media can be a blessing and a curse for our candidates, employees, and friends.

Every day we learn more and more about how to search Social Media more efficiently and effectively.  Most of us in the recruiting world use it to find qualified candidates or to network.  However,  more and more it is being used by hiring managers, current managers, and those who decide whether we get promoted, demoted, laid-off, or dismissed to credit or discredit us.

In a poll conducted by Career Builder in January of this year they reported, “CareerBuilder also revealed that every 2 in about 5 employers did admit that they found some content on a prospective employee’s social network profile that discouraged them to actually employ them.”

A couple of months ago I had lunch with an HR Manager who had to dismiss an employee due to poor Social Media decisions.  This employee was informed that their department was being downsized in the coming month or so and most of the jobs were being rehired out of town.  This employee proceeded to post that information on a Social Media site; grateful that their job was safe unlike the rest of the people in their department.  As you can imagine, this caused an HR nightmare.  The about- to-be-downsized,  less fortunate employees began to cause quite a stir.  Many of them were vital to the upcoming transition and they started to jump ship and cause drama knowing they were not in the future plans of the company.  Needless to say, the employee that leaked the information was dismissed due to violation of the company Social Media policy and as a result, the company needed to replace that role and train a new employee in a key position.   Thich ultimately cost them financially and affected the productivity of the department and company.

Another more positive occurrence where Social Media had an effect on the hiring process occurred when I received a call from a hiring manager I did not know.  They were referred to me by someone I knew,  who was acquainted with a candidate they were considering.  I was not given as a reference for that person, but rather as someone who knew them from a character standpoint.  They saw that I was connected first level to them on LinkedIn and in turn they used it to reach out to me.  The questions they asked had nothing to do with business, rather my assessment of the kindness of this individual.  In this case, I knew this person through their involvement in volunteer work and other opportunities to give back to the community which I briefly shared.  This person did get the job they were interviewing for and this was one time Social Media payed off for a candidate.

The last example came through on our Twitter account in the past.  I will preface this tweet example by saying that these the words of someone else. These are words I find offensive, regardless of who uses them.

“Find me a job EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE.”  (The expletives are incredibly offensive)

These words actually came from someone wanting my help finding a job.  Also, this is someone I’ve never met who must not understand that this information can be accessed by anyone who knows how to do a tweet search.

So remember, the next time you or your employees post an update, a picture, a tweet,  etc. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, or the many other sites. It is something you can never erase once it’s posted (even if you go out and delete it).

Are you prepared for the findings of perspective employers, clients, and friends?

Well Shut My Mouth; An Interesting Take On Public Cell Phone Use…

March 15, 2010 1 comment

This past week I was working on a few things at a coffee shop and received a call from a candidate about a position I was trying to fill.  Our conversation went on for about 20 minutes, and at it’s conclusion I received a tap on the shoulder by a gentleman who was sitting next to me.  He didn’t want to disturb me but wanted to thank me for keeping my voice down throughout my conversation.  He went on to say that normally he hates sitting near people on cell phones because they have no respect for those sitting in close proximity.

It got me to thinking, do people ever think about the people around them when they engage in  conversation on their cell phones?  Do we think about the impact on the waitperson who is there to take our order, or the person at the register at Target or US Bank or Walgreens Pharmacy?

Cell phones are here to stay but unfortunately good manners appear to be suffering as a result.  We all can agree that there are many things that cell phones do to make our lives easier and more efficient.  However, some of the most courteous professionals I know seem to lose all awareness of the people around them when involved deeply in a call, e-mail, or texting session on their cell phone.  It goes so much further than just talking on the phone.  It should be implicit that you turn off your ringer in most places.  It never ceases to amaze me me that I can be in a theater at the most dramatic part of a movie and hear a ridiculous ring tone.  Most shocking places of note,  a chirping phone at high holiday services for Yom Kippur and a relatives  funeral!!!

So the next time you are in a situation like the ones mentioned above, be respectful of the people around you.  It will not make you lose a deal or be late for and appointment and you just might make someone’s day by doing so.


March 9, 2010 3 comments


To keep this from happening, call this number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.  It is the national do not call list.  It will only take a short time and it blocks your number for five years.  You need to call from the cell number that you want to block.  It will not work to call from another number.

Send this information to others, it takes about thirty seconds to block your number.  For more information go to

Some of my Greatest Inspiration Just Came From a 9 Year Old

Yesterday afternoon I sat watching my daughter participate in a gymnastics meet in downtown Minneapolis.

I spoke with my daughter’s coach and he told me how proud he is of these young girls who work so hard during the 3 hour training sessions they have after school 2 days a week.  He went on to complement the fact that they do it with extremely packed schedules and  that many of the girls on team also excel academically.   For my daughter, gymnastics is in addition to other after school commitments that have her scheduled every day of the week except Friday this year.

After reflecting on this conversation I realize it was a great business lesson.

This got me to thinking about what time, energy, or opportunity I might be wasting while my fellow entrepreneurs are outworking or out-hustling me.  This makes me think of  an excerpt from a great book by Gary Vaynerchuk called “Crush It” that resonated with me.

He says that  “If you have a full-time job, you can get a lot done between 7pm and 2am (9pm and 3am if you’ve got  kids)”.

So, if my daughter goes to school full-time, has 6 extracurricular activities a week, and gives her all at every turn,  who am I to complain that I’m busy and overworked?   If I truly want  to stand out from the crowd, I have to be committed to outwork and out hustle the masses.  Anyone can be average or below average.  If you really believe that you have a great brand, ideas, and/or products then you need to be creative in finding ways to carve out time or opportunities in places off the beaten path.

Personally, I have committed to curbing TV at night.  If I am not spending quality time with my kids or wife, I shouldn’t be in front of the boob tube, which continues to be a growing problem nation wide.  Also, many of us have gotten on the Wii/video addiction treadmill.  This is something else that wastes valuable time.  If my goal of being a successful entrepreneur is to become a reality, I need to work longer and harder into the wee hours of the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need a little downtime here and there.  However, if you want to get ahead in life, sacrifices must be made.

Finally, I am trying to be a better listener, whether I am at the grocery store, or with my kids or in a business meeting.  You never know what lesson you will learn or who you will learn it from.

In closing, I always seem to come back to the Don Henley song “How Bad Do You Want It“?… “Not Bad Enough”

So, How bad do you want it?  The rest is up to you.

Another Minneapolis Job… Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer

A friend of the Jobs Guys in Minneapolis is looking for a Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer  for a permanent position.  Interested, see below and let me know if I can connect the dots. Feel free to contact me at or at 612-306-7907.

The client is located in the South East Region of  the Twin Cities,  a  4 year degree is highly preferred, 5 years of previous experience in a  similar role required.  This will be a perm placement opportunity, salary range based on experience and fit.

Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer

Job Description –

Position Summary:

Analyze, design and develop Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing reports and applications utilizing Microsoft SQL Server technology. Provide support for production applications and support to internal and external customers.  Perform the configuration management (CM) role for the data warehousing group by managing the source code repository with version control and repository management.  Candidates must have excellent writing and communication skills.  You must also have proven development experience and demonstrate a positive attitude and passion for innovative software development in a fast-paced team environment.

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications

Minimum of 5 years of senior database experience including Production/Staging databases in Data Warehouse ETL/SQL Development and Report Development.

·Strong experience with SQL Server 2005/2008 and T-SQL in constructing tables, stored procedure, triggers, views, indexes, queries and nested queries using Joins, aggregate     function and Relational Database Models and Data Integrity (minimum 5 years)

·Expert in utilizing  SQL Server Integration Services and complex ETL Packages (min 3 years)

·High traffic web site experience with scalable design (minimum 3 years)

·Create Calculate  members  in MOLAP cube using MDX in SSAS 2005

·Extensive Experience on creating reports from Relational Database and OLAP cube using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.

·Must have a proven background in gathering requirements and translating them into the creation of SSIS packages into a Data Mart. Must be able to then build SSAS Cubes,  Dimensions and Mining Structures

·Excellent XML experience

·Comprehensive experience creating common components, patterns, services, and frameworks

·Excellent problem solving skills and attention to detail

·Excellent communication skills, especially written communications

·Excellent organization, prioritization and time management skills

·Experience with various industry SDLC methodologies and frameworks

·Proven ability to design and deliver solutions with industry best practices, standards, and security policies

·Strong Experience in creating Ad Hoc and Parameterized various Reports using SQL SSRS 2005/2008

·Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience

Preferred Qualifications

·Team Foundation Server experience

·Experience in C# development

·Experience programming capabilities of .NET version 3.5

·Object-oriented development and design

Hot Oracle R12 Consulting Job in Minneapolis

A friend of the Jobs Guys in Minneapolis is looking for an Oracle R12 Financials BA for a 12 month engagement.  Interested, see below and let me know if I can connect the dots. Feel free to contact me at

We are seeking a Senior Oracle Functional Accounts Receivable Analyst with a thorough understanding of accounting and financial business processes who excels under demanding project timelines, while producing high quality work.  The role is for an Oracle E-Bus Financials R12 upgrade project.

Project duration: 12 months

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Start Date: March 15, 2010

Client can commit immediately for the right candidate

* Looking for someone with a thorough understanding of accounting and financial business processes who excels under demanding project timelines, while producing high quality work.
* 7 years of hands-on experience in Oracle E-Business Suite.

* R12 upgrade experience is preferred
* Understand the latest Oracle E-Business Suite trends and apply that knowledge to improve business productivity.
* In-depth functional knowledge of financial processes and a history of experience in Oracle Payables.
* Hands-on experience setting up applications and configuring financial modules within Oracle Applications is critical.
* Experience with upgrades within a global implementation environment, as well as customizing standard financial processes based on new business requirements, is essential.
* A bachelors degree in computer science or a related field is required; a masters degree is preferred.

* Green Card holder or US Citizen