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The Single Most Important Thing About Recruiting…and Your Job Search

In my 10 plus years in recruiting, I have had the good fortune to meet some of the greatest candidates who I’ve yet to put to work. That may seem a bit strange given the purpose of a recruiter. Take a great job, find a great candidate, place them in that job and move on to the next job (and get paid for the placement in some way.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put to work many phenomenal talented people over the years. Many of which I’ve worked with on more than one occasion and some with multiple companies over multiple years.

However it begs the question, how long and how often do you keep in touch with great people who you have little chance to put to work today, tomorrow, or ever?

This points directly to my reasons for being a super user of LinkedIn. It gives me the ability to stay in touch with and perform the give and take that networking is all about.

Many of these great resources see the benefit in networking with a recruiter that is only a message away.

Renowned Minneapolis based author Harvey Mackay says it best in the title of his book “Dig Your Well Before Your Thirsty“.

Networking is something that should be a daily activity whether you are looking for a job, a great candidate, or just staying on the mind of those in your network.

Remember another important thing about networking, it’s not just for business. It can be utilized for so much more !!!

Now the next step is up to you, so start networking, it’s a great way to explore your future opportunities.

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