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Will Your Social Media Activity Affect Your Ability To Land Your Next Job Or…

Will Your Social Media Activity Affect Your Ability To Land Your Next Job Or Keep Your Current One???

Good, bad, or indifferent, Social Media is here to stay.  For many of us in the areas of Recruiting and Human Resources, Social Media can be a blessing and a curse for our candidates, employees, and friends.

Every day we learn more and more about how to search Social Media more efficiently and effectively.  Most of us in the recruiting world use it to find qualified candidates or to network.  However,  more and more it is being used by hiring managers, current managers, and those who decide whether we get promoted, demoted, laid-off, or dismissed to credit or discredit us.

In a poll conducted by Career Builder in January of this year they reported, “CareerBuilder also revealed that every 2 in about 5 employers did admit that they found some content on a prospective employee’s social network profile that discouraged them to actually employ them.”

A couple of months ago I had lunch with an HR Manager who had to dismiss an employee due to poor Social Media decisions.  This employee was informed that their department was being downsized in the coming month or so and most of the jobs were being rehired out of town.  This employee proceeded to post that information on a Social Media site; grateful that their job was safe unlike the rest of the people in their department.  As you can imagine, this caused an HR nightmare.  The about- to-be-downsized,  less fortunate employees began to cause quite a stir.  Many of them were vital to the upcoming transition and they started to jump ship and cause drama knowing they were not in the future plans of the company.  Needless to say, the employee that leaked the information was dismissed due to violation of the company Social Media policy and as a result, the company needed to replace that role and train a new employee in a key position.   Thich ultimately cost them financially and affected the productivity of the department and company.

Another more positive occurrence where Social Media had an effect on the hiring process occurred when I received a call from a hiring manager I did not know.  They were referred to me by someone I knew,  who was acquainted with a candidate they were considering.  I was not given as a reference for that person, but rather as someone who knew them from a character standpoint.  They saw that I was connected first level to them on LinkedIn and in turn they used it to reach out to me.  The questions they asked had nothing to do with business, rather my assessment of the kindness of this individual.  In this case, I knew this person through their involvement in volunteer work and other opportunities to give back to the community which I briefly shared.  This person did get the job they were interviewing for and this was one time Social Media payed off for a candidate.

The last example came through on our Twitter account in the past.  I will preface this tweet example by saying that these the words of someone else. These are words I find offensive, regardless of who uses them.

“Find me a job EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE.”  (The expletives are incredibly offensive)

These words actually came from someone wanting my help finding a job.  Also, this is someone I’ve never met who must not understand that this information can be accessed by anyone who knows how to do a tweet search.

So remember, the next time you or your employees post an update, a picture, a tweet,  etc. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, or the many other sites. It is something you can never erase once it’s posted (even if you go out and delete it).

Are you prepared for the findings of perspective employers, clients, and friends?

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